Lauren, Evan and Caleb

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(Saturday, September 6 2008)

August has been a busy month for us. Lauren had her 18 month well baby appointment and is doing well hitting her milestones, but they are concerned about her weight (only 19lbs at 18 months old) because she has ...more

(Tuesday, August 12 2008)

Trying to get the website updated, but can''t get pics to show up after it says they are uploaded.

(Thursday, July 10 2008)

Lauren is finally getting tooth number 7.........and 8, and 9. Poor baby. Things have been busy here. We took the kids to Busch Gardens for the first time, and they LOVED it. Evan rode rides the whole day, and ...more

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    Name: - Lauren
    Birthdate: - Monday, February 5 2007
    Age: - 11 years, 4 months, 19 days
  • Weight: 20lbs
  • Length: 31 inches


    Name: - Evan
    Birthdate: - Tuesday, March 9 2004
    Age: - 14 years, 3 months, 15 days


    Name: - ^i^ Caleb ^i^
    Birthdate: - Sunday, January 5 2003

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Laura (Thursday, June 21 2007)

Hi Julie. Can''t Believe how fast Lauren and Evan are growing. Love the pics. They are both so cute.

Peeka (Friday, June 1 2007)

Julie, love your pictures! I had to keep playing the video of Lauren "talking" for the girls... Maia said "Mommy is that our cousin?" Of course she is! yaya girls!

Jamie (Wednesday, May 23 2007)

Julie - I LOVE the new pics of the kids!! SO CUTE! I can''t believe how big Lauren is getting! and Evan is so sweet! :)

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